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The Company operates in the real estate sector. The main area is brokerage and management of real estate where we create a stable value development over time. The second area is community properties that we can easily convert between different activities depending on demand.

IBG Group

IBG Group AB (publ) also knows as Idébanken Group, is an actively managed small company fund that invests with the aim of achieving the highest possible returns for our clients. Investments are long-term and made broadly across many different sectors.

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The Company is a diversified holding company with experience in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), IPO and capital raising. We work on a long-term basis, including real estate and bringing a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.


We have removed all unnecessary hassles, such as commitment periods, cancellation periods, complicated invoices and variable prices. With us, you always have a fixed price and can change your subscription or mobile whenever it suits you. Free calls and SMS are included in all our mobile plans, so all you have to choose is the amount of surfing. Your unused surfing is saved until you need it. Simple and cheap.


The Company owns, manages and brokers office premises and office hotels with associated business services. Features that most businesses need, either to simplify everyday life or to create a more efficient environment where you as an entrepreneur have all the conditions to achieve your goals.


Our main activities consist of renting out entire villas or individual rooms in them, as well as selling, renovating, building and investing in real estate. In the rental business we apply the principle of “rent in and rent out” and we take care of the entire rental of the client’s home in an efficient and safe way.


The obvious platform for those who need any kind of help at home. Whether you want help with gardening, cleaning and laundry at home or renovation and construction projects where you need someone with construction experience.

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The Company brokers and manages residential and community properties. In addition to property management, it provides leasing, real estate transactions, property development and investments in real estate-related projects.

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The Company aims to support women to build a community of passionate people with common goals ready to encourage, support, nurture, and help each other level up!

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The Company provides advice to those who want to start a business and need guidance in the form of knowledge, capital and skills. Services provided include setting up a limited company, accounting, bookkeeping, tax and payroll issues.

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The Company helps other companies to require a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient capital raising. Services performed range from new issues, prospectuses, investor relations and connection to Euroclear in connection with a listing. Clients include start-ups, family businesses and companies facing an upcoming listing or IPO.

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The Company is a digital platform that connects companies and talented employees to drive the company forward together. Through us, you can easily find driven and talented people with the right skills.

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The Company helps companies with legal issues that arise during your business trip. Through us, you can easily get in touch with experienced lawyers who will give you the right answer no matter what the question is.