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Idébanken Invest Online Sverige AB helps companies that demand a comprehensive solution for a safe and efficient capital raising. Services performed range from new share issues, prospectuses, investor relations and affiliation with Euroclear in connection with a listing. The customers consist of startups, family businesses and companies that are facing an upcoming listing or listing.

Idébanken Invest Online AB


With the support of authorization from the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Idébanken Start Up Sverige AB has decided to offer the public and institutional investors to subscribe for Class B shares prior to a listing of the Company’s shares.

Registration of interest

The offer in summary


14.3 SEK per B-share

Number of B-shares

350 million pcs

Subscription period

01 September – 30 September 2022

Deposit of money to the depot before

30 September 2022 kl 16:00

Minimum subscription

1000 shares, corresponding to 14,300 SEK

The company’s website

In the case of over-subscription, your allotment if you subscribe without priority, may take place with a lower number than you wished to subscribe for, or allotment may not take place at all. It does not matter when during the subscription period you sign up. The transaction can be terminated, but not after unconditional trading in the security has begun.


Idébanken Invest Online AB

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Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. An investment in securities / funds can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the invested capital.

Once a stock is bought, the principal cannot be refunded*, but it can be traded. The par value of the stock rises and falls, resulting in a price difference, which means that the profit and loss of the holder changes, which can generate income after resale. The principal cannot be refunded after the stock is purchased, because the principal of the stock has been invested in the operation of the company. After the stock holder buys the stock, he will naturally become a shareholder of the company and enjoy the rights of the company’s dividends, etc., but the principal has been invested during production and operation of the company, therefore it is consumed and cannot be taken back.

* The Investor should contact us, if the Investor want to stop investment and the purchase is within 30 days. Please send email to before the deadline.