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JP Traffic LTD.

At JP Traffic LTD., with its headquarter in London, is the perfect place to find a luxuary yaht or private airplan for sale. For boats, customer design is offered in collaboration with the Porsche workshop.

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CSR Telecom AB

CSR Telecom AB is the simple mobile manufacturer, all the way from Sweden. We have removed all unnecessary hassle, such as lock-in periods, notice periods, tricky invoices and variable prices. With us, you always have a fixed price and can change subscription or mobile when it suits you.
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Dream Home Sweden AB

Dream Home Sweden AB mediates and manages housing. Our business is rental, sale, construction / renovation and investment of properties.

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Invest and se how the money grows

With us you can invest in IPO’s in Swedish companies and in the whole world.
Purchase stocks at the original price before the IPO. Make money by selling them when they are listed publicly on a stockexchange and the lockingtime has expired – prices can increase with tens or even hundreds of percent!*

* Money that are invested in stocks can increase and decrease in value and it is not certan that you will recive the full amount of the invested capital.

1. Choose carefully

Choose a company with good groth potential. Learn about the Companys strategy, product and management. When you have made up your mind, invest.

2. Wait

Wait for the stock price to increase. This might not happen at once. It is possible that the stock prices fall. Don´t panic and sell. The market loves patient people.

3. Sell or save

When the marketprice has increased, you have the option to sell your shares and collect the profit or keep the shares.


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