Investment Banking

IPO Advice

Listing is one of several ways you can raise assets and capital for your business. However, carrying out an IPO is a major task that places high demands on the company’s internal structure and processes. The board and management team should be familiar with the company’s operations and reports, and they should establish a disclosure policy or procedures to ensure that the market / public receives accurate and clear information. Our team members have extensive experience in initial public offerings and assisting companies to list on exchanges, so we can provide you with efficient and accurate counseling services.


Listing Mentor

Companies that have shares listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market have a certified advisor who manages and supports the company’s compliance with the rules of the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. All Certified Advisors have attended the Certified Advisor training and should be approved by the Exchange.

Idébanken Invest Online Sverige AB provides support and compliance services for a potential listing on Nasdaq First North Premier.

Public Listings (IPO)

Invest and see how the money grows. With us, you can invest in IPOs in Swedish companies and in the whole world. Purchase stocks at the original price before the IPO. Make money by selling them when they are listed publicly on a stock exchange and the locking time has expired – prices can increase by tens or even hundreds of percent!*

* Money that is invested in stocks can increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will receive the full amount of the invested capital.